Landing Pages and Websites Made Easy

Many of our customers start with email marketing platforms that promise easy to use tools for creating HTML emails and robust landing pages. What they quickly realize is that, though the tools for sending emails typically work well, there are insurmountable limitations when it comes to landing page design, commerce, and analytics. nKind Donor Solutions provides you with a complete CMS based website that includes easy to use tools for creating custom commerce backed landing pages and full featured web pages.

Donation Based Commerce

Most commerce tools do not think in terms of donations. nKind is different. with nKind Donor Solutions, you can create full catalogs of products as gifts with donation, promotional gifts with minimum donations, promotional gifts with multiple minimum donation tiers, recurring donations, and intelligent history driven donation ask grids. Each new donor and each donation can be easily tracked to marketing campaigns and accounting funds.

Leave the Technology to Us

It is increasingly more challenging to understand all of the technologies required to make your dream a reality. There seem to be new tools popping up every day for marketing, social media, payment processing, and analytics. It might seem like an insurmountable task to tie all of these things back to your website, donor management and accounting systems. With nKind, we handle the complexities of integration for you. Get the information that you need using the tools and platforms that you want to use. If we don't support it, we'll build it.

You are Not "One Size Fits All" and Neither is nKind

No matter where you are in your mission, your focus is to grow your reach and spread your word. Your starting point is available at nKind. We can start small and grow your infrastructure as your message spreads and your donor base grows or we can start as big as you need. We utilize only the most sophisticated cloud infrastructure solutions to manage your systems. You don't need to understand cloud technology to get the benefits of it. You only need to let us know where to start.

nKind Has Your Back

nKind offers a full suite of support that ranges from start up packages for custom site build and training to monitoring and analytics. You will be able to be as creative as you want while knowing that we have your back for what you can't handle or simply don't want to worry about.

Focus on Your Purpose, Not Your Technology

You started on your mission to help people and to spread a message that can change lives and change the world. In our world today, that means working with technology that can reach people who are otherwise unreachable. With nKind, you do not need to focus on how your message gets out. We make that part simple.

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