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EPIC Giving

About the core tenets of the EPIC Giving platform

A product that is built on the EPIC Giving platform follows four core tenets to ensure that the product will be a secure and effective resource for our clients. These fundamental concepts make nkind an exceptional tool for users to better Evaluate their data, Protect themselves and their members, Inspire new members to join their mission, and Connect with new and exciting services.

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nKind Features

Learn about how nKind can help be successful

nKind has an extensive list of incredible features that you will want to see for yourself. Large organizations have spent millions of dollars developing the services and connectivity that nKind brings to everyone in one simple to use and inexpensive product. 

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Back Stage

Behind the scenes: Making of Our Demos

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EPIC Giving Evaluate

EPIC Giving Evaluate

Provide data for analytics and reporting from every aspect of the target audience so that it can be evaluated for success and critical decisions can be made effectively and effortlessly with confidence. You can see your hosting server and network statistics, marketing campaign conversion details, your website analytics, revenue breakdown over time and channel, and more. Read more about how these tools can help you understand how the right data can help you succeed.

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EPIC Giving Protect

EPIC Giving Protect

The hottest topic these days is data security. It seems someone, somewhere is announcing a data breach almost weekly. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and credit card information is being sold hourly on the dark web.

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EPIC Giving Inspire

EPIC Giving Inspire

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get your message to a larger audience using the various social media channels at your disposal? So, what's stopping you? I get it. Having to update your website, connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and enter your inspirational thoughts manually each time can be a very time consuming effort. It can feel like a full time job. What if you had the means to enter your messages in one place and with a click of a button push them out to your website and all of these social media channels reaching way beyond the confines of your four walls to let everyone know the importance of your mission? Well now there is! Read further on how all of this can be accomplished.

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EPIC Giving Connect

EPIC Giving Connect

One of nKind's fundamental design principals is making sure that it is able to connect to other systems and services. Starting with the inner most code, nKind is built to easily integrate with other systems via real-time communication. Whether you want to use a new social media platform, a new CRM or Accounting system, or something else that makes your business run smoother, nKind can connect as either a source or consumer of data.

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Detailed Feature Breakdown

Baseline Features of nKind That Set Us Apart

What others don't want you to know


As you may have learned about us and our development philosophy, we do not like to reinvent the wheel. We like to use the wheel as a component to build bigger and better things. Trying to reinvent a system or part of a system because you need a baseline from which to build better tools often falls short. This is why we started with one of the most powerful, flexible, secure, and open CMS platforms in the world today, Umbraco. Several aspects about Umbraco make it great. First, it is built on a stable, popular, and secure technology stack from Microsoft. Most website providers will guide you into much less secure platforms like WordPress. Second, it is built as a highly extensible toolkit with the desire to have people build amazing things with it. And finally, it is always evolving to meet the needs of its enormous user community.


Another important distinction about the nKind product is that we isolate your site infrastructure and your data from other customers. Every customer is provided security and privacy for themselves and their donors by having their own database and their own site infrastructure. Most website providers use shared infrastructure wherein your site and even your data is hosted with dozens or hundreds of other customers. Hackers love this because you can hack one and get access to a lot of data or embed malware or ransomware across multiple sites. With other providers, you may not even be a target and still lose your data and the trust of your donors. 


nKind does not have access to your donor data. We help you set up your own transaction processor accounts with whomever you can get the best terms with. We do not take any percentage of your donations. nKind therefore does not have access to your bank or your transaction data. We simply provide a secure process that is 100% PCI compliant and your company data is yours. You are typically left on your own to figure out compliance measures with regards to your website transactions. These other providers can lead to site shutdowns and even freezing of bank assets. nKind completely isolates your data to protect you and your donors. Many other services run cheap sites so that you will fill it with donor and transaction lists and then those other providers often sell your data to marketing companies


nKind uses only high availability and high performance cloud infrastructure to ensure that you get the ability to serve all of your donor needs. As your donor base grows, we can gradually scale up your servers to meet your needs. Changes are instant and require no downtime. If you have a large web event planned, we can even scale up to meet the need and back down after the event is over to save you money. Often providers leave it to you to figure out and make changes to your services which can lead to very disruptive outages. Everyone has heard horror stories of other providers where people made big plans, worked on materials, blasted out invites in emails and social media just to have their site crash during the big event. 







Our Plans

Feature Breakdown by Plan

Take a look at all of the incredible features listed below. There are some features for which you may want more detailed information. Below the features table, you will find a list of messages and videos that we have prepared for you. If there is something we've failed to explain well, please contact us and we will help you get your answers and then add that information to the site. 


More Feature Details

  • Donor-Centric Commerce
  • Informational Message: Deep Dive into Donor-Centric Commerce
  • Integrated Campaign Tracking
  • Correlates your campaign data and new members and donations so that you can see what where you are making an impact.
  • Small, Large, Custom Cloud Infrastructure
  • Informational Message: Cloud Infrastructure Breakdown
  • Message Driven Content
  • Informational Message: Deep Dive into Messages
  • Professional Onboarding
  • Informational Message: nKind Onboarding Process
  • SmartProfile System
  • nKind helps you intelligently gather information about your members by building a profile over time related to how they use the site. This information can be used to help better target their interests or show them special content. For example, you might want to show content specifically to members who have made donations, large donations, recurring donations, or who have attended an event in the past.
  • Grant Demographics
  • nKind uses custom forms to capture specific demographic information of people that request assistance from your staff or volunteers. This data is used to automatically generate reports required by many Block Grants used by non-profit organizations.
  • Content Syndication
  • Informational Message: Deep Dive into Messages
  • Advanced System Integration
  • nKind has the ability to connect to many applications and services. Some of these are more complex and depending on specific business processes, may require some configuration or setup.
  • Proprietary Integration
  • Sometimes organizations have systems that they have built or heavily modified that they would like to integrate in to nKind. Because nKind is built on EPIC Giving, it can be integrated into almost any application or service.