About the Demo Websites

Each demo website is unique in design and purpose

If you have set up a demo account, you can experience the full potential of the websites. We have examples of various types of messages, events, products, special offer promotions, and more. You can go through the entire donation or purchase processes using the bank account or credit card information provided. You will receive receipts and information just as your constituents would if they were using your nKind website. 

Websites built with nKind are not limited in design, layout or function. Our demos attempt to show that you can have vastly different styles and themes, but rest assured that your individual design and creativity can shine. Everything here uses industry standards for scripting, html, layouts and styles.


Any Design.
Any Style.
No Limitations.




Which Demo is Right for You

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We have sample websites created to highlight specific features for different types of organizations including Churches, Ministries, Non-Profits and more. You can fill out the form to create a demo account that lets you visit those websites and try out the easy to use features. Let us know in the comments, or any of the options below, if there is anything we can do to help you get started.

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We also provide a "back stage" look at how easy it is to create these sample websites with nKind allowing you full control over your content, products, promotions, and marketing campaigns. It really is that easy.

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We are interested in helping you understand how nKind can make your constituency grow as well as hear any feedback you might have about your experience with us. You can contact us via any of the methods listed and we will reach out to you.


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