What Is nKind?

What do we mean when we say nKind is an all-in-one donor management and engagement system? Here are a few high level features.

  • Donor Relationship Management

    In the business world this is referred to as Customer or Client Relationship Management. With nKind, managing relationships begins and ends with your donors and their needs.

  • Donor-centric eCommerce

    Churches, ministries, and non-profits need an eCommerce system that understands donations. nKind is a full service eCommerce system built on a foundation supporting not only one-time and recurring donations, but tiered donations.

  • Social Media Marketing

    With nKind you can easily publish messages to your web site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, as well as email blasts to subscribers.

  • Web Site

    nKind gives you the tools needed to build a world class web site.

  • Plus More

    Now add Event management and registration, flexible forms, extensive analytics to track your campaigns, RSS feeds (think Apple Store podcasts), plus a whole lot more.

More Information

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