Marketing Landing Page Example

Click the button below to see an example of a landing page for a special promotion, mission, event, or marketing campaign. These pages are simple to create with any custom style and can have donation, product, and promotion functionality built right in.


Try This on Your Mobile Devices

Using nKind with Umbraco provides a powerful toolset for modern websites that does not limit your creativity. You can use any modern templates, tools, and features that you want in order to make your message clear. Try this demo on a mobile device as an example of nKind and Umbraco in action.

Simple Donation Grid


Product Call to Action

Raising Faith-Filled Children

It isn't easy to raise children that are full of faith in a world that is full of faithless messages. This book gives you 4 easy rules to live by that help your children put God first in their lives by seeing him in yours. Set your family on the right path today by being a spiritual leader in your home.

Price: $11.99


Gifts for Donations

Click below to view a custom designed page that demonstrates how you can integrate donations into custom content such as weekly messages.

Product Catalogs

Click below to view an example product catalog. Whether used for direct sale or as a gift with minimum donation, you have full control over the product information. You can set minimum donation amounts for use in promotions, as well as shipping costs, images, and much more. You can have more than one product category on different pages or filter and browse on a single page. It can completely conform to your designs.

Pastor's Messages for You

Watch and read the latest messages from our Pastor whose words have been given as inspiration to you from God. Set yourself on the right path today as you walk with Christ in the warming love of God.

ReceIve Weekly Inspiration