Don Kern

currently the Vice-President of Finance at nKind

Born in McHenry, IL and raised on the south side of Philadelphia, Don grew up with a passion for the professional sporting teams in his town and is an avid fan of the Flyers, Sixers, Eagles and Phillies. He transplanted to Oklahoma with his family and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. During his career, he has developed software for Halliburton Services, American Airlines, Memorex Telex, United Video Satellite, Prevue/TV Guide Channel, NDCHealth, PerSe, RelayHealth, McKesson, and a startup company serving the music and travel industries.

Don Kern

EPIC Giving Inspire

Information Message written on 06/07/2018 by Don Kern

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could get your message to a larger audience using the various social media channels at your disposal? So, what's stopping you? I get it. Having to update your website, connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and enter your inspirational thoughts manually each time can be a very time-consuming effort. It can feel like a full-time job. What if you had the means to enter your messages in one place and with a click of a button push them out to your website and all of these social media channels reaching way beyond the confines of your four walls to let everyone know the importance of your mission? Well now there is! Read further on how all of this can be accomplished.

Philadelphia Eagles Give Back

Blog Message written on 07/10/2018 by Don Kern

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The Philadelphia Eagles are not just the reigning Super Bowl Champions as they are champions off the field as well. Read more to see why...

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