About this Demo

This demo is to serve as a very simple example of nKind features

Below you will see a lot of examples of the ways that nKind makes easy work out of some complex tasks.  Feel free to use any of the features of this demo without worry of security or expense. You can sign up as a demo user, go through all of the features even checking out. For more information, go to the Live Demos Page, create an account, and read more about test payment methods and options.





Features and Benefits for You

Specific features that make a real difference for you

As the steward of church resources, it is important to get the most for what you have. On this example home page, you will all sorts of features designed to bring high priced custom features to you for minimal cost. These features include things such as messages of any type and category (e.g. blogs, sermon series), small group content, events, feeds and syndication, promotional gifts for donations, donations, registrations, volunteer signups, and much more. 

nKind Messages

More than a blog

nKind Messages are a great way for you to publish many different types of media in an amazing number of ways. An nKind Message can be typed and categorized to meet your needs within a small organization or even a large organization with many subdivisions. You can use them to create blogs, sermon series transcripts, daily devotionals, or literally anything you can dream up. These messages can be formatted html and images or they can be audio or video streaming content from a variety of different providers like YouTube, Haivision, and Vimeo. Or perhaps you want a single message with all of those features included.

Sample Daily Messages
CD/DVD Message Promotion

Messages on the Go

They don't just stay on your website

Your messages can be shown all over your website as features, updates and references, but that is not all they can do. Once you have entered a message, it can be published to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social channels. It can even push to your email marketing service for an email blast to a list. Think about how easy it would be to add your daily reading plan update and have it automatically emailed out for you and links published on social media. That is not the end of your messages' adventures into the world. They are also provided to readers vis RSS feeds, Mobile application feeds, and if they include audio or video content, they can be published as podcasts through many outlets including Apple. Your messages can even include hashtag references that will later be collected so that there is always fresh interaction from the world on your website. It just doesn't get any easier than that. 


nKind Events

Events for your every need

nKind Events are a simple and powerful tool for you to schedule anything from small group meetings to large online live webcasts. You can schedule them once or have them recur. Once set up, you can come back and add cancellations, extra dates in a recurring event, or even conclude an event with photo galleries. With nKind events, you can even require registration or add people to event mailing lists with ease.

Just like nKind Messages, nKind Events do not just stay on your website. When an event is coming up, is cancelled or has concluded, it can be automatically posted to your social channels and email lists. Or users can easily add them to their personal calendars with the click of a button.

Sample Events List


Promotion Landing Pages

Your landing pages for promotional content is a snap

nKind Promotions help you build offers of free gifts for minimum donation. The donor can receive one of your products that you configure for free based on a minimum donation amount or you can even set it up so that they can choose from tiers of gifts for higher donations. These types of promotions make short work of marketing landing pages and provide a great incentive to donate. Below you will find a link to an example of a tiered free gift promotion.

There are other types of promotions as well. You can set up product sale prices with special promotional content, create a discount that can be applied to an order either as a percent or flat amount, or even provide free or discounted shipping using offer codes.

Just like nKind Messages and Events, promotions can be pushed through social media and other channels automatically to save you time and gain exposure.


Sample Free Gift Offer
Sample Tiered Free Gift Offer


Product Catalog Pages

You can create and update products with ease

nKind Products are simple to create and maintain. Your products can be categorized for listing on pages, or embedding in pages and promotions. Products can be listed for sale or they can automatically be shown as a free gift for a donation of the specified amount. Below you will find an example of a product category page that has links to products as well as links to other product pages. 

Sample Books Product Catalog