About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

A Team of Experts


The founders of nKind and creators of the nKind Donor system have worked in the software industry for decades. Originally working as a team that built cutting edge digital media technologies, they have seen the transformation of business through technology at its core. After spending almost 10 years working with some of the largest churches in the country, they realized that there was a real technical gap between the work that non-profit organizations are doing and the technology that they need to propel their missions forward. The understanding of these needs was a critical step in being able to help bridge the gap and, once again, make charity about helping people and not about overcoming technical hurdles.


A Mission of Our Own


We made it our mission to solve the most challenging problem for growing organizations: technology integration. We did not set out to build a custom platform to do everything that everyone needs and try to do it all better than other industry leaders. Instead, we took a fresh approach. We decided to focus on the gap, the integration of technologies. We provide a simple plugin to a standard Web CMS called Umbraco. Umbraco allows for the creation of web content with ease and the power to add in features like blogs, events, and forms. nKind takes that to the next level by allowing donor based commerce features and integration with leading marketing, CRM, social media, and analytical systems. All the best of the internet, integrated professionally just to serve you.