What is a Donor Centric Website?

Written by: Douglas Naufel
on Wednesday, 01 November, 2017

There are many reasons to have a website. For nKind customers, their website is a way of communicating their specific message around the world and making it easy for their donors to give. A donor-centric website is a website that exists for keeping your donors informed and involved, bringing in new donations, and spreading your message to new donors.

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One of the simplest and most effective ways to catch the eye of people around the world and let them know about your mission is to have a robust website available on the internet. A website can provide quick, specific information to grab the attention of new visitors, as well as provide them in-depth details about you and your organization. Very few platforms allow you to capture the attention of individuals in this way. If built correctly, you can help people understand your mission and entice them to invest in helping your organization succeed.


  • Reach new donors and get them to invest in your mission
  • Keep current donors informed of your successes and projects
  • Entice new and existing donors with promotional giveaways to bring in new fresh contributions
  • Extend special fund-raising efforts to make a project near and dear to your heart prosper
  • Manage and track donor giving, year-end letters, fair market value, and analytics
  • Create and manage email lists for interest groups within your donor base and communicate with your messages
  • Track your communication success through all channels by linking new accounts and donations to your campaigns
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