Why we are doing this

At nKind, we are trying to get the word out about how we can help non-profit organizations reach people in need across the globe. To do this, we have created this special offer so that we can provide you with a modern, mobile-friendly, custom website created with all of the donor management and tracking tools that you will need for one small cost. Once you are set up, our professional staff will take time to walk you through the tools that will allow you to make updates to content on your site, update donation funds, products, make your own special promotions, and much more.

Get Up and Running

The on-boarding process includes creating your custom website, an explanation of all of the features, and assistance with linking your services such as email marketing tools. This process entitles you to up to 40 hours of professional services time from our highly experienced engineers. Additional time is always available at standard billable rates.

Keep Your Site Fresh

Using these newly learned tools, you will be able to keep your site up to date with content updates, blog posts and articles. You can always have new products and promotions to bring people in and keep them talking. Tie your content back to your favorite social media sites to bring more eyes to your site and drive the conversation about your missions.

Spread the Word

The more you learn about the technology and tools you have at your fingertips, the better you will be able to communicate your mission around the world. Each new set of eyes that read your message on your site, emails, or social media are potential donors. The ability to easily track those donations and guide each new donor down your mission's path is your key to success.

Let's Get Started

Whether you need more information or you think you are ready to get going, fill out the information below and we'll get right back to you. Our goal is to make an impact in the world by helping non-profits reach people in need across the globe. If we can help you do that, let us know here and we'll get started together.

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You can get your custom website created and have professionals walk you through all of the amazing tools and features that help you reach your goals.